what to expect when working with a social media manager.

We understand it. You’re an entrepreneur, a creator, a maker of things – you understand the value in a consistent social media presence, but you are managing so many things at once, keeping the pulse on your social media accounts may be one thing you consider outsourcing. Not only does outsourcing save you time it helps polishes and uplift your entire businesses presence.

Here’s what you can look forward to when working with a social media manager.

Marketing Strategy and Data Analyst

When diving into social media management, it becomes very data-driven. A social media manager is able to dig through your data, analyze it, and draw insight into what it’s telling you. Data like your overall reach, lead generation, audience nurturing, and customer feedback give us hard facts about your business; a manager runs strategic positioning tests that experiment with your customer base. The data collection will help your business make data based decisions on product, service and positioning – while looking great!

Content Creation

Your social media manager will work as close to you on this as you’d like. Some business owners prefer to supply all the photos, and copywriting; while others would rather their social media managers take full lead on the content creation. A good fitting social media manager can develop brand authentic posts, blogs and video to maintain and improve your social media presence. Managers are content masters, they can craft and design posts and will be engaging, informative, and personal to your audience. Your content is the voice of your digital presence!

The Voice of Customer Service

When someone runs your social media, they are the voice of your business to many audiences. Your social media manager will constantly get feedback from your customers – and some may not be positive. Your manager needs to able to communicate effectively with people in all the different stages of buying and customer service. They’re constantly testing the temperature of for where your customers inquires and comments are coming from. To do this effectively, your social media manager needs to spend intimate time with your company brand, products, and services so they are able to do quick surface-level troubleshooting. This is a great way to communicate with customers on their terms and showcasing your customer service as a company differentiator. Happy customer messages are a form of positive-experience marketing.

Prime and Market To Your Audience

Social media connects your brand with potential buyers; it makes you easier and more accessible for new customers.

The better your manager targets your audience the better your results. The job of a good social media manager is to actively build rapport and customer loyalty with valuable content and authenticity that focuses on your brand’s key offerings and how they solve your audience’s pain points - making it easy for your potential customers to see themselves with your product or service, and prompting a sale; whether that be in-store, or online. 

There are several factors to consider when analyzing your ROI with a Social Media Manager.

-The increase in your fan/follower base,
-The rate in which your audience engages with your brand,
-Content reach and engagement,
-Targeted prospects and leads to your business,
-Newsletter Sign-ups to build a list for email marketing,
-Your page’s response rate and quality.

A social media manager is better placed to understand and master the constant changes in social media and is able to interact accordingly with your targeted audience – they often act as strategists, ready to promote whatever products or services you have, using the right channels, and the right messaging at the right time. 

If you feel that hiring a social media strategist is right for you - drop us a line, we'd be happy to discuss our services with you!

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