Northumberland Food Security Network.

I am so happy to have you here - what you are doing as an organization is so absolutElY IMPORtant and I am honourED to facilitate a better suited name, Logo and SLOGAN. 

This brand-iD-questionnaire will help with the initial prep-work for our session - this will allow SPACE for A much more in depth creative TEAM experience.

Thank you for taking this time!

Totally looking forward to meeting with you all!

Tiffany Gallivan.


Nice to meet you! :)
Who should be visiting your website/business? (Examples: age, industry, gender, income, geographical area, etc)
Who should be visiting your organization's website, Facebook page or Instagram feed? (Examples: age, industry, gender, income, geographical area, etc) How would you classify this group?
Where do they find you and how do you share what you are doing?
What makes the Northumberland Food Security Network so different from anything else?
Just like people, brand's personalities draws someone to it and repels other. Defining it in human terms makes it easier to identify the audience that will be attracted to it.
This will be the tone of the brand.
List a few colour schemes if you'd like! :)
Just four!
(Examples: business images, product images, industry, nature, etc)
Describe in full delicious detail!