Abenaki Associates

Abenaki Associates


Project: Comprehensive Digital Growth Audit and Recommendations
(for all active digital channels including Website, Social Platforms, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and more)

$1600 + HST
Completion within 2 months from start.


  • 1 - 60 minute kickoff meeting

  • 1 - 60 minute meeting to deliver Audit and Recommendations

Qualitative Analysis

We start by analyzing the overall picture as it stands for the integrated website, social media, email list and more to develop a snapshot of how things are working. This includes platform traffic, reach, engagement, bounce rate, conversions, search engine marketing/optimization, ads performance, website/social media content, social platform audiences, keywords/hashtags, and more. We leave no stone unturned as we review the platforms you use to grow your business.

Quantitative Analysis

We will help you set up/access analytics for each platform to highlight key metrics, platform and overall performance to help you to continuously optimize how everything is running. We will then analyze the analytics for each platform to determine and analyze trends for each platform and the overall picture, which allows us to make recommendations on the highest leverage approaches to improve for the year ahead.

REVISED EDIT to payment schedule.
50% Confirmation Payment - $800
50% Payment at completion - $800